Finish what you started

#004 Vase with Flowers. I started this collage/print in the beginning of September and finished it today by finally glueing the four little pieces in the right flower. They’ve been stuck in place with a post-it note for at least two months... [click on image to read the whole post]

Good things come in threes

#002 Three groups of three circles. I noticed just now when I looked at the picture on my computer screen. The yellow is breaking out in every group. The collage on the right page feels safest to me. This one is the most balanced and it looks as if the yellow is protected and going in instead of leaving. Love this color combo the best as well. Will keep that one in mind for a future pattern collection. [click on image to read whole post]

The shape of me

#001 Long story short... This morning (or last night actually) I was thinking what my first post should be about. I kept thinking in circles ;-) and what insights I would like to gain with this daily art project. Where and how do I fit in, that is what I want to figure out. [click on image to read the whole post]