Doodle the day away

Today I tried to make my fountain pen work properly again. I didn’t succeed…
When I started I was drawing the darker lines but a bit splotchy. I cleaned it (multiple times) and the the ink was light grayish for a very long time. Only now it starts to darken up again but it isn’t black like it’s supposed to be.

What is a proper cleaning plan for a fountain pen? Any tips or advice?

This pen is kind of brand new! Wrote with it without any problems for the first two weeks, let it rest for a few days, a week tops, and then the trouble started… Change the cartridge, thought that might solve the problem, but it only got worse πŸ™

UPDATE! It’s working again πŸ™‚

#005 Doodle recovery

Supposedly black ink on cardstock
Colors used: gray πŸ™

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