Just fill in the blanks

After yesterdays mini (45mm square) I wanted to paint somewhat bigger. Inspired by my Roadmap to Inspiration painting I did in September-ish 2019. I started with circles (yes I know) using left-over paints on my almost dried up stay-wet-palette. Not thinking too much, just creating. I love it that when working like that, ideas start to pop-up in my head and one thing leads to another. I decided that every spot on the paper must have paint so I filled in the blanks. I added some pale gold to give it some shine. I love the composition, the colors and the dept. What do you think?

#013 Circles with inner circles, spots and dots. Finding a way to play and go-with-the-flow.

A5 size Daler Rowney smooth 220 grs paper painted with Acryla Gouache
Colors used: left-overs on palette

Zoomed in on detail, can you spot the shiny pale golden surprise?

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