The shape of me

Last year in a learning therapy session at school I asked a few questions: How do I stay close to myself? How do I stay true to myself? How do I stay with my own idea? I’m easily pushed in a different direction, dancing to someone else’s tune. I don’t like that feeling, I want to stay in control and make my own mistakes and decisions. 

We discussed what shape I’d imagined having (I don’t mean that literally but figuratively) in relation to other people. At first I imagined myself as a circle, agile and versatile. I thought of my opponent as a square, demanding and dominant. We were equally in size. Then I had to explain how The Idea stood out from me, what part of me was The Idea. I figured the whole circle was me and The Idea. Off course that turned out to be the problem. It resulted in me being a pushover. We talked about it and visualized the process with painted drawings. I felt overpowered and cornered.

At the end of the session and 7 drawings later, I figured I’d be a triangle with a circle inside for my Idea. If I have a solid base, and my core is harder to reach I stand stronger and I can be more determined to do my own thing. Because I gave my Idea a place inside of me there is more room for other ideas but also for me to think for myself and take things less personal. I chose a triangle over a square because of it’s size: it takes up more space. But also because I think a square is push aside more easily.

#001 Long story short… This morning (or last night actually) I was thinking what my first post should be about. I kept thinking in circles 😉 and what insights I would like to gain with this daily art project. Where and how do I fit in, that is what I want to figure out.

Collaged painted paper with wax crayon.
Colors used: yellow, orange, red and white.

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