You got this!

This is it, the start of a new adventure. I’m being inspired by my cousin to start a daily creative project. I’ve been planning on starting January 1st, but since she announced her start yesterday I figured why wait. Why not start today? I’m looking forward to get things going and start the new year bright and early. I’m ready to go. So that’s what I’m doing, starting now.

I will be creating and writing/reflecting about it everyday for a year. This will get the juices flowing and give me great insights in my process. I didn’t give myself any restrictions, the only rule is to create daily and post about it on my blog and personal instagram account tagged with #365daystostickwithit.

I’ve got a whole new website set up just to document my process. The writing will be in English, this helps me to slow down, be present and think things through. The website will be my playground to have little adventures, find inspiration and make new friends. I would love for you to join me. If you have any questions or suggestions please share them in the comments.

#000 The start of something new. In my case the easy part. I would like to reach the finish this time next year! 

Mixed media collage, hand painted & gift wrapping paper
Colors used: brown, blue, pink and white

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