Good things come in threes

The last couple of nights I’ve had difficulty sleeping. I feel anxious. I’m not sure it’s about the new lockdown restrictions, Christmas preparations or this new project. I do love to get up real early in the morning when everything is still quiet outside and the dark is like a safe blanket. My boyfriend will probably look funny when he reads this, ‘cause I have no trouble reading in bed for 3 hours in the morning without getting up. But right now I feel very tired. For today’s playtime I really wanted to do something with yellow 🙂 but it almost didn’t make it in the collage. I had a hard time getting started, I caught myself overthinking and felt the pressure of creating ‘something nice’. Exactly the opposite of what I want to achieve with this 365 day challenge. I have to trust myself and my process, make decisions based on intuition. I digged deep in my colored paper scraps stack and found new ways to start. The yellow circles are the only newly cut pieces, the rest of them were as they are now. I love when I find readymade pieces and had fun playing around with different compositions. 

#002 Three groups of three circles (I noticed just now when I looked at the picture on my computer screen). The yellow is breaking out in every group. The collage on the right page feels safest to me. It is the most balanced and it looks as if the yellow is protected and going in instead of leaving. Love this color combo the best as well. Will keep that one in mind for a future pattern collection.

Collaged paper
Colors used: yellow, dark blue, gray, teal and hot pink

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